Verbal Reasoning

With over 250 questions, this fun topic will challenge your child and develop their critical thinking, conceptual understanding and problem-solving with words and language. Suitable for age 7+, it is essential for learning and for passing school assessments.

More than words. Verbal reasoning is the magic combination of language and thinking. It is key to understanding other knowledge-based subjects and a prerequisite for passing standard assessment tests and aptitude tests, from age 7 right through to adulthood. Verbal reasoning isn’t a curriculum-based skill, so it is not taught directly as a subject in school. We have to master it through practice.

This topic will improve your child’s verbal reasoning skills and help them to:

  • achieve their underlying academic potential

  • think and express ideas using words

  • develop and demonstrate their cognitive ability

  • improve their problem-solving using words

  • understand text and follow instructions

  • pass their SATs, and selective school entrance exams

  • succeed in intelligence tests and aptitude tests

  • crack codes, spot sequences and more