More than half of parents don’t know their times tables

More than half of parents don't know their times tables

More than half of parents don’t know their times tables according to our survey carried out by YouGov.

The question is does it matter?

52% don't know

At Edplus we’re on a mission to help children worldwide learn their times tables.

We recognise their relevance is up for debate but we believe times tables are an important building block in children’s numeracy.

why times tables are important

Schools and teachers are at the front line of helping children with topics such as multiplication. But the home learning environment is also important.

In a review of Mathematics teaching in Early Years Settings and Primary Schools, Sir Peter Williams wrote:

“Parents are a child’s first and most enduring educators, and their influence cannot be overestimated.”

If a parent doesn’t feel confident with a subject then it stands to reason that they are less likely to engage their children with it.

best known times tables

As an organisation, we care passionately about out of school education. As parents ourselves however we know how hard it is to put good intentions into practice.

We built the Edplus app to try and make learning at home easier.

The app uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to ask questions and help the child in a way an ‘all knowing’ parent would.

Every answer each child gives is stored and the software intelligently adapts its approach to optimise each child’s progress.

At the same time the app uses gamification to engage and motivate children.

Edplus app screens

‘Number one’ will always be that parents help their children directly at home, whether it be through reading a story or helping with numeracy.

But for those times when this isn’t possible, for whatever the reason may be, we’re proud if Edplus can be part of a solution.

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