Homework? Help!

Homework? Help!

We all know that homework can seem like a bit of a chore sometimes. After a long day, it can be hard to get your child to devote any more energy to schoolwork.

Don’t worry! We’ve got some tips on how to make it easier for everyone.

Some pens and paper

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Have a positive outlook

This doesn’t mean droning on and on about how good homework can be for them — just having a positive attitude towards it lets your child know that it can be an enjoyable part of their day.

Have a routine

Having a specific “homework time” can encourage your child to be more productive during that time so that they can do fun things afterwards.

Keep focused

Spending 5 minutes helping your child to focus at the beginning of their “homework time” can help a lot with sustaining their concentration on a particular task.

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Break things down

Things like homework projects can seem overwhelmingly big to children. Breaking them down into smaller tasks, with time limits and rewards, can make a big difference in how your child sees their homework. What was once the biggest task ever becomes a series of much more achievable tasks — and ticking items off a to-do list is a great feeling too!

Make it into a game

Another way to make homework less of a chore is by making it fun. Setting your child challenges and rewarding them when they complete these encourages them to finish it.

For example, you could say:

“How fast do you think you can do your homework tonight?”
“If you get 15 of these questions right, you can have 15 minutes’ extra play time before bed.”

Find another way

Sometimes, your child might be struggling because they don’t know the content very well. Finding another way for them to learn it can be useful. Seeing the information in a new format will engage your child and make homework that little bit clearer.

With these tips in mind, hopefully “homework time” can become easier for everyone!