Our French topic will help your child learn 1000 words and phrases. Featuring key words such as family members, colours, numbers etc, your child can accelerate their vocabulary with testing in both French to English and English to French.

We believe that kids’ brains are made for learning languages. The younger the child, the more adaptable the brain. That’s why we have released our French topic, designed for children to harness their natural potential to learn new words.

Your child will be able to develop an enormous bank of words and phrases! Give your child a head-start in their French lessons so they can focus on grammar, with the vocabulary already secured in their mind.

This topic can aid your child in expressing many things including:

  • Their favourite subject is at school
  • What they would like to be when they are older
  • What they would like to order at a restaurant
  • Where they want to go in town
  • Which objects they can see in their house or their garden

And many more!