What is the recommended age range for Edplus apps?

We recommend our software for ages 5+ – nearly all our questions require users to be able to read.
We have a variety of topics which suit different ages and abilities and all our learning is personalised.

What separates Edplus from other educational apps?

Good question! We’re proud that Edplus can be used in multiple apps, not just our own… we know that kids like to chop and change, but we want their learning progress to follow them. We’re proud of our unique algorithm which personalises learning so that children learn faster. Finally we’re proud that we have multiple topics that a parent can choose their child to learn all within the same product.

When I change from one Edplus app to another, does the algorithm still remember my child’s ability level?

Yes. The Edplus algorithm runs in the cloud and serves personalised questions wherever a user is, whatever they are playing. This means questions will always be at an appropriate level and optimised to support academic progress.

Do Edplus apps have an offline mode?

Generally speaking, no. Edplus apps require internet connectivity in order to send information to the algorithm to adjust the difficulty level for your child.
However, if your child is playing and you go through a tunnel etc. then it will carry on working for a short time as we do buffer questions for these events.

Can an Edplus account be used on different devices?

Yes, it works on most popular devices, including iPhone, Android and Amazon.