What separates the questions generated by Edplus from other educational apps?

Edplus games use an algorithm developed by Professor Francis Brown, an Oxford maths professor. As your child answers more questions, the algorithm adjusts to ensure that your child will be receiving the questions most well-suited to their ability. Therefore, each player has a personalised set of questions that we dynamically adjust.

What is the recommended age range for Edplus apps?

We recommend our games for children between the ages of 4 to 11.


When I change device, does the algorithm still remember my child’s ability level?

Yes. Edplus is a fully-functional cross-platform service. The algorithm continues to remember your child’s ability level, so they can pick up where they left off.

Moreover, their game level is remembered cross-platform too! This means that if they were on Level 50 on Planet Zorg and break their tablet, they can immediately return to Level 50 on their new device.


When I change from one Edplus game to another, does the algorithm still remember my child’s ability level?

Yes. The Edplus algorithm runs continuously whether they are playing on Seal Saver or Match Shake. This means that they will always have questions of an appropriate difficulty and are able to choose, and switch between, a variety of games.


Are there any third-party advertisers in Edplus games?

No. We firmly believe that children should not be exposed to advertising when they are playing games.


Do Edplus games have an offline mode?

No. Edplus games require internet connectivity in order to send information to the algorithm to adjust the difficulty level for your child.


How can I track my child’s progress?

Statistics on your child’s progress can be found on the Parents Dashboard edbit.app.


How can I change the topic of question my child is answering?

When an account is created, each child starts on maths by default. However, Edplus has four more question sets currently in beta mode: Latin, French, Science and Capital Cities. If you would like to change to one of these modes, visit the Parents Dashboard (edbit.app) and scroll down to ‘Topics.’

We will continue to strive to create more question topics as well as expand our current selection.


Are you releasing more Edplus games?

We are currently working on more Edplus-enabled games so your child will never get bored of learning while having fun. These will be publicised on our website and you will be notified on email of new releases.


How does Edplus ensure that my child’s personal information is protected?

Edplus collects no player information about your child other than the name given when creating a new player and their year of birth to ensure they are starting at the right level when they first play Edplus games. To see more about how your personal data is protected, please visit http://edplus.io/privacy/


I can’t access my account.

If you are struggling to access your account, please reset your password. This can be done by following the link on the Sign In page of our games and you should receive an email notification allowing you to change your password. If this does not work, please email us at support@edplus.io.


How can I make suggestions to improve your service?

We welcome suggestions to improve our games including new question topics. Please visit http://edplus.io/feedback and help us be the best service we can.


How do I stop email notifications?

To stop email notifications, please follow the instructions at edplus.io/unsubscribe.


How do I deactivate my account?

We are sorry that you are not enjoying our service. If you wish to contact us for support or to request deactivation, please email us at support@edplus.io.