About ed+

We are parents

Ed+ has been made by a team of parents who really care about children’s education. We are a spinout from the University of Oxford.

We know that a little bit of help at home makes an enormous difference, whether that be with reading or the learning of times tables. We just wished it wasn’t such a battle!!

What drives us

Our mission is to make out of school learning easier for parents, more fun for children.

Enter Max… a fun virtual tutor, the creation of one of our founders, Professor Francis Brown. Max is designed to ask exactly the right balance of question difficulty – to help children progress. As well as instant feedback and corrections he can give both hints and encouragement.

Getting kids on board

The fact that Max is smart is only half the battle. Your kids have got to like him! That’s why we are putting him in places that are deliberately engaging to children… in our app, within games and even in Alexa.


We’re all too familiar with the silence that kids give when you ask what they’ve been learning. With this mind we have built a comprehensive parent dashboard so you can see for yourself as well as the option to get notifications when milestones are reached.

Share your thoughts

Please do get in touch with us if you have any feedback or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.