Make learning fun

Let’s be honest – nobody likes homework. But we all want the best for our children’s education.

Meet Max – one of our ed+ virtual tutors – here to make ‘out of school’ learning easier for parents, more fun for children.

Thanks to ed+ integrations Max can help your child learn their times tables and much more in places they are sure to love – within our app, mobile games and even in Alexa.

* * * * *

My five and a half year old daughter really enjoyed it. Sometimes she can be a bit resistant to doing maths but with this she wanted to keep going! Held her interest and increased her confidence.

Helping your child learn

Don’t be insulted but… at what Max does he’s probably smarter than you! Designed by a leading maths professor from the University of Oxford, Max has a perfect memory and the ability to learn from the mistakes of all his students. Max is optimised to ask over 2500 questions and help children master over 20 topics from basic addition to square roots.

Personal to your child

Max will ask questions personalised to your child, making sure the difficulty level is just right, and gaps in knowledge are filled.

Instant marking

Max will instantly mark answers and give real-time corrections. It is well established that it is through mistakes that we learn.

Coaching strategies

Max can support your child’s progression with coaching, from hints to asking questions that scaffold knowledge.

* * * * *

Kids fighting for my phone to play a game as usual only this time i don’t mind as its great for their maths!

Choose an ed+ app to get started

ed+ Reward

In this neat app if your child spends 5 minutes a day with their ed+ tutor they can complete a digital star chart and earn themselves awesome rewards that you set!


Seal Saver

All the educational benefits of an ed+ title embedded into a realy fun mobile game to motivate children to engage. Shoot bubbles to rescue seals, with 100 levels of difficulty to try and complete.

ed+ Alexa

Interact with your ed+ tutor through Alexa. With all the features of personalised questions and helpful hints but without the screentime.

Planet Zorg

Match 3 space objects together to try and earn enough points to complete each level. Sounds easy right?! Wait till you get to the harder levels…

Match Shake

Classic fun and challenging match 3 game with 100 levels of difficulty to try and complete.

* * * * *

Awesome idea, makes me want to be a kid again. This app is awesome, can’t wait to show my little cousins.